Random Snippets: The first {of Summer Gardens, Landscapes and foggy mornings, & birthday parties}

Hello, my friends!

I have SO many extra photos. And that happens pretty much all the time. So I decided to make a new series: these ‘Random Snippets’ posts will have random photography as well as recent life, thoughts, etc. (A bit like my monthly reviews but different.) I hope you enjoy reading them!

OUR Garden

Our garden is a good summery place to start! We’ve had so many vegetables from it this year, despite it being smaller than other years, it’s been so nice.

I was surprised that vegetables are incredibly photogenic! Especially, when it’s just rained and there are water drops on them.

The orange flowers on the zucchini are actually quite pretty. Zucchini has such interesting leaves with neat patterns and shapes.

This is one of my favorites! I love all water drop photos, so that adds to it, but the garden has become a stop on my semi-daily photo walks. I also like seeing how each vegetable grows a little bit each day.

I like this one with the tomatoes on the vine, instead of just one. It’s fun seeing each of the different angles and how the tomatoes varied, even though they’re all the same kind of vegetable.

I love this one! It’s my favorite out of all of them, actually. But I do say that about most photos I take so. . . .

We have many watermelons growing! This is our first time planting them, but they appear to be growing well and I’m excited to see how they taste. The little ones were cute, in a way. 😋

And one last picture before we finish this section! I really like how watermelon leaves look – They each seem so delicate and neat, and then the patterns on them are beautiful and interesting, in a way. I really like this picture! What do you think about how watermelon leaves?


I did a post last week with all the wonderful gifts I got for my birthday from the amazing people in my life, but I did say I’d share some birthday party photos, so here they are. My mom got these decorations for our church formal and they looked lovely in our yard. (If only Malachi’s truck with the mower on it hadn’t photo bombed. :P)

We had a fire and roasted hotdogs, apparently, out of my four friends, three of which who have gone camping most of the time, am the only one who can successfully cook a hotdog without burning it. It was honestly hilarious. Somehow, one of them, got the most random notion to roast a tootsie roll so she found one, and then roasted it. . . She convinced each of us to try it and it actually wasn’t that terrible, and my cousin actually liked it.

Everything was set up so nice and festive! The checkered tablecloths and the flags went very well together.

Mom made these very delicious treats like smores but in ice cream cones instead of graham crackers and you put the marshmallow and chocolate into the cone and baked it all up. It was delicious!

I had a lovely time and I’m so blessed to have such wonderful friends!! ❤ ❤ It was the sweetest time.

Flowers and other nature things

I know I just did a post on this kind of thing two weeks ago, but I have some other pictures now, of course, and some other neat nature things, plus, more pictures of Georgia, my sunflower pot. Starting with Georgia. . .

Our hydrangeas have started to bloom, and they are all so pretty! I love them when they are dried, especially.

These little plants were right down by the garden. I don’t know what they are, but they are so pretty and I love the water drops. They really seem to make it pop!

Ahh, I love this one. ❤

This gorgeous purple flower really pops with the splattered white paint and the rustic wood. It was actually an old ladder that Malachi was using to climb up on the roof.

Sunsets & Landscapes & CLOUDS

We’ve had lots of foggy mornings, and we were in town early, and I got this picture of the church from the top of a hill. So pretty. ❤

We have also had some especially gorgeous sunsets lately. I love the hills in the background. I truly live in such a beautiful place. 🙂 ❤

I had my camera with me one day as we were driving from town — It was a bit dark and stormy (it rained literally right as we got into the house) but the overcast skies fit these pictures, I think.

There is so much corn and so many corn fields around us. 😛

I love the tree in the center of this picture, with the field of flowers around it, too.

And that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this post and seeing all of my recent photography! ❤

What do you think about my new series? Which photo was your favorite? Least favorite? What do you think about the zucchini flowers? And roasted tootsie rolls?

Thank you for reading and please have a wonderful day!