Hello, my friends!

Welcome to my little corner of the world; it’s lovely to see you here! Before I introduce myself properly, I want to share a bit about my blog. 🙂

About the blog

I created this blog in October 2021, mainly because I loved to write, and having a community to support you is a key part of becoming an author. But that’s not the only reason. . .I love to inspire and encourage others to be creative, and blogging is one way I do that.

As you may be able to tell from its title, this is a lifestyle blog. I mainly post about photography, writing, DIY tutorials and inspiration, and art. But if something else interesting comes up, I’ll probably post that too! I hope my blog can inspire and encourage you. I don’t only write posts to bring you guys, and myself joy, but to bring glory to God. ❤

About the blogger

I’m a teenage Christian writer, blogger, and photographer. I also enjoy taking long walks, playing the piano, writing letters, and gardening. I live somewhere in the U.S.A., with my parents and seven wonderful siblings.

Here are a few more facts about me, in no particular order:

I live out in the country with my family, on a 60-acre-property, which I like to think of as my own little world.

I call myself a homeschooled girl, simply because I’m homeschooled! I adore being homeschooled and have been my whole life. I love being able to sleep as late as I want (Which isn’t very late. XD), choosing what work I do and when, and everything else that comes with being homeschooled.

I am the third of eight siblings! I have three sisters, Grace, Mercy, and Jewel, and four brothers, Malachi, Levi, Luke, and Ezekiel.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a photographer! I love capturing God’s beautiful creation and using my photos for His honor and glory.

I love sunshine but also, rainy days and storms are two of my favorite things.

I’m a writer, who loves the middle-grade historical and contemporary fiction genres. I’m passionate about using words to encourage others and building them up. The whole reason I write is based on that. . .I write so others know that darkness won’t last forever. . .that there is a light. One that won’t ever go out, no matter how much darkness tries to put it out. I write so others know that there is truth. Real truth Truth isn’t changed by what you hear on the news or read on social media. I write so I can change minds, hearts, people, worlds. And lastly, so I can glorify the Lord. Because at the end of the day. . .that’s all that matters. 💕

Capturing and creating beauty is what I love to do. Whether that’s through writing, photography, or art. I see beauty in God’s creation everywhere I look and do my best to inspire others to do the same.

I love the color yellow! And pink and aqua. Actually, I just LOVE colors in general, but especially aqua and yellow. 😀

I’m a crazy bookworm! I almost never am without a book. Some of my favorite books are: Love Comes Softly, Homeless Bird, This Changes Everything, The Penderwicks, They Loved to Laugh, Belle Prater’s Boy, Fish in a Tree, and many others.

I play the piano and love any kind of Christian music, especially Jamie Grace, TobyMac, Tenth Avenue North, Newsboys, and Mandisa.

I’m an introvert, but also, an extrovert at the same time. I love talking to people and am very friendly, even to people I don’t know. But, I definitely need my alone and quiet time. I’m a bit of both, in a way.

Other things I LOVE include: sunsets, bullet journaling, organization, graphic design, snail mail, succulents, sunflowers, envelope art, washi tape, and going barefoot.

Lastly, but most importantly, I’m a daughter of the One True King and strive to serve Him in all that I do. If you have any questions about my beliefs, don’t be afraid to ask! I’m always up for conversations about that. ❤

Do we have anything in common? How many siblings do you have? Are you an introvert or extrovert? What’s your favorite color? Can’t wait to get to know you in the comments! ❤

I hope you enjoy your stay on my blog and may you have a lovely day!

68 thoughts on “AbouT

      1. Corrie–When you go to edit your gravatar, in the sidebar, there should be something that says “Photo Gallery” click that, and from there you can add photos to your gallery.

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    1. Aww, thank you, Lily! ❤ It's one of my favorites–We try to do a photo like that each year when we visit the lake. 😁 (Same!)
      I'm going to check out your blog now!
      Thank you for stopping by!! =D


  1. *GASP*
    Now we have osme things in common, like living in the midwest, homeschooling, and things like that. . .
    BUT I HEAR THAT ONe OF YOUR FAVORITE BOOKS IS MANIAC MAGEE??? I love that book!! It’s definitely in my top 5 standalones. Who’s your favorite character from it?

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  2. Ooh, awesome! Nice to meet you, Daniel! =D
    YES! IT IS!!
    My favorite character would probably have to Amanda Beale. . .second might be her younger siblings because they remind of my twin brothers when they were little SO much. You?

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    1. Likewise!
      Nice. The prose, the quirkiness, the depth, the realisticness (is that even a word?), the characters… It’s just so well written.
      Hey, me too! 0-o Yeah, Hester and Lester are fun. But my second. . . I don’t know. I love the Perkins mother, but she’s like a super side character. Probably either Maniac or the two little McNab brothers.

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  3. Wow. 🤩

    I just found you blog from your comment on Maggie’s most recent post, and I have to say: it’s so… clean, nice, serene.

    It might sound weird using those adjectives, but that’s just what I feel. I really love your honesty and simplicity in writing. And I love your simple, clean blog design.

    I’m looking forward to reading your posts, Pearl! 👍🏾🤗😊

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      1. Ahh, when you ask a writer who their favorite author is, prepare for a long answer. XD I honestly have way too many, but Jeanne Birdsall, Janette Oke, Beverly Lewis, Beverly Cleary, Jerry Spinelli, and Gloria Whelan just to name a few. What about you?

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      2. Haha, Asking me are you? I love so many. Agatha Christie, Erin Hunter, Ander Clements, Roald Dahl, And tons of other but I can’t remember their names, only the books. KOTLC The Land of Stories, TONS!


  4. Hey, Pearl! I just discovered your blog and wanted to say that we have a lot of things in common. I’m a huge reader as well and Little Women is one of my favorite classics. I love skiing and the outdoors (those photos you took are amazing).

    Anyways, I look forward to reading your posts!


  5. Are you sure we aren’t twins somehow!?!? Hi my name is Sawyer kinda like the book Tom Sawyer but I am a girl lol😂. I have siblings as well and we walk in the woods by the pond. I absolutely adore sunsets too! They just seem to beautiful to be true. Creeks are gorgeous and feeling the running water in between my fingers. It is like in story books. I love to star gaze at the beautiful night sky too!

    Autumn is also my favorite🍁! I think it or pretty watching the leaves change color and I love the nice breeze. I like blue But mostly dark teal. I am the oldest of 4. I have three brothers who can drive me crazy sometimes lol. Capture the flag is an awesome game I play with my brothers. but I sometimes have to let them win since they are to young to understand. I bet with all your siblings it is tiring. I love outside game mostly but when it comes to inside ones I like Uno. I have been homeschooled my whole life too! I am currently halfway through 7th grade and love reading as well. Hmm favorite book: I think maybe Robin Crusoe or White fang. I do not have a bullet journal but I want to. i just have a journal! Okay well I hope you are able to talk and check out my blog too! I love yours❤️

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    1. Hey, Sawyer! XDXD It sounds like we are a lot alike. That’s cool. 🙂 Ayyy, yes, sunsets, creeks, ponds, and walks are all lovely. ❤

      Ooh, awesome, those are some of my favorite things about Autumn too. I totally get that, a lot of mine are too young to understand as well. Haha, well it can be sometimes (and all the noise can be annoying too, but I guess that's what you can expect when you have 10 people in one house) That's so awesome! I hope you can, it's really neat.

      And I'd love to chat with you more! 😀 I believe I've been following your for a while now, but I'm going to check it out again. =D Thank you. ❤ I'm glad!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I had no clue you may have been following me before XD. Yep the noise is terrible, I have 6 people in the house counting me. we could talk more on my chat page if you like?😉

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  6. Hi Pearl!
    Pleasure to meet you! I loved getting to know you. That’s so neat you live on 60 acres. Do you have a farm or ranch?
    I love photography too, especially outdoor photography of plants and the ocean and animals. I also love gardening. 🙂



    1. Hello, Ashley! ❤
      It's lovely to meet you too. Nope, we don't–Just a lot of trails and gardens. 😁
      Mhm, so do I! I sadly have never been to the ocean, but I love plants and animals. Flower or vetagable gardening? (Or both!)

      I just checked out your blog and it looks amazing. Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂


  7. Am I allowed to sneak into here LOL?? Hm, I must answer thy questions … (Also, the part about going barefoot … One hundred percent, girl. Even if I about killed my feet today as I intelligently walked across a burning hot road.)
    AHHHHHH, yes, we’re both introverts and extroverts!! We would be called le ambiverts. (Wonderful name, eh?) Ooh, yes, I’m with you on enjoying nature!! God’s creation is just astonishing! Props to you on your photography! :))

    Oof, well, I’ve got thirteen honorary siblings LOL!! *counts on fingers to make sure* Yes, thirteen honorary siblings. Girl, how do you survive a house full of ’em though LOL??

    Favorite color?? I have yet to find one that I particularly like LOL!

    But this is such a lovely about me page, especially with the photos throughout!! :DDD Thou must endeavor in the ways of blogging!


  8. Hi my name is Sara not Sara Julie (just so y’all know 😉) I use my middle name in my email address and I don’t have a blog so WordPress chose my username. 🙄😅 Anyway, I’m also an ambivert. I’m social with close friends and quiet with new friends and/or acquaintances. Blue and orange are my favorite colors and purple is a close 3rd. I was adopted so I have 1 full biological sibling (that I met) a lot of half-siblings (I’ve only met 1 so far) and 4 siblings by adoption. My parents adopted 4 of us. So they only have 1 biological child. All in all I have 13 siblings (adopted and biological) I know you didn’t ask this question but I love adventures in odyssey. I’m a big audio drama fan! Adventures in Odyssey is my favorite and Down Gilead Lane is a close second. Most homeschoolers have at least heard of Adventures in Odyssey. Have you listened to it?


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