Hello, friends!

Today, I have the honor to share a lovely bonus post with a snippet of writing written by my wonderful friend, Joanne. It’s a beautiful bit of writing and I can’t wait to share it with you!


The sun shone brightly in the sky, blinding Ji-Yu. She took a fan out of her pocket and covered her eyes with it, looking out into the field. 

A small hand tugged at her jacket. “Ji-Yu eonni, can we go and play in the flowers?” 

Ji-Yu looked down at the little girl, Ha-Eun, and smiled. “Does your brother want to go?” 

Ha-Eun opened her mouth to answer, and then closed it again, pouting.“I don’t know.” 

Ji-Yu laughed, then pointed at her brother who was playing football with the other boys. “Go ask them, and if he says yes, then we can go.” 

Ha-Eun brightened, and she ran off to her older brother. Ji-Yun shook her head, smiling to herself as she watched. That little girl was a ball of sunshine, and there was no doubt that her brother would succumb to her request. 

As expected, Ha-Eun came back with a triumphant smile on her face. “He said yes! Can we go now? Please please please?” 

Ji-Yun pretended to think about it. “Well, we do have to go home soon.” 

Ha-Eun deflated, and Ji-Yun ruffled her hair, laughing. “Of course we can go. I was just teasing you. Come on, Ha-Eun! Let’s go.” 

Ha-Eun ran off and Ha-Joon, her brother, looked back, raising his eyebrows. Ji-Yu nodded, and Ha-Joon picked Ha-Eun up, running with her to the flowers. 

Ji-Yu packed everything up and followed them, taking her time. It was her job to look after them, but she trusted Ha-Joon. He didn’t need to have a full-on babysitter, but his parents had insisted. 

And Ji-Yu had selfishly obliged. Two charges meant more money, and Ji-Yu needed money. Her father was in a coma, and her mother was at home, mourning as if he was already dead. 

So Ji-Yu had no other choice but to move to America and start making money herself. She worked in a coffee shop in the mornings and babysat Ha-Eun and Ha-Joon in the afternoon. 

She barely scraped by herself, but because of her parents, she needed more money. So she worked as a dishwasher at night in a bar. 

Ji-Yu arrived at the flowers and saw Ha-Joon helping Ha-Eun make a flower crown. She smiled unconsciously and layed down the picnic mat on the grass. Sitting down, she took out her bookmark, starting where she had left off. 

“Ji-Yu noona? We have a gift for you.” Ha-Joon’s voice said, lifting me out of the world of the book. 

“Hmm?” Ji-Yu said, looking up to Ha-Joon with a flower, and Ha-Eun with a flower crown. She gasped, putting her book down. “Oh, you guys. It’s so pretty.” 

They looked at each other, smiling. Ha-Eun placed the flower crown on my head, and Ha-Joon gave me the flower. 

Ji-Yu hugged them both. “Thank you, no, really. These are so pretty. I will wear the crown the whole day, Ha-Eun, I promise.” Ha-Eun burst into a smile. 

“And Ha-Joon, I’ll press this flower, and then make it into a bookmark. When I’m done, I’ll show you, okay?” He nodded, his eyes twinkling. 

Ji-Yu hugged them again, feeling her eyes tear up a little. “Now go play, alright? Ooh, how about you make Ha-Yoon a flower crown?” 

They both grinned, liking the idea of making their eldest sister a flower crown. Together, they ran off, and Ji-Yu fingered the flower crown in her hair. 

Life was bleak at times and full of struggles. There were so many mountains to climb, too many to count. And yet this was why she kept going. 

Because of little moments like these, where God showed her that He was still with her. Where God showed her that she was still loved.

Wasn’t that wonderful? Thank you all so much for reading and may you have a beautiful day!


Joanne Shin is a writer and a daughter of God, living as a missionary in Europe. She loves writing, painting, dancing, laughing, and spending time with her friends and family.

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