9 tips to be more productive

Hello, friends! 

I have a different post today than my usual posts — It’s a bit more practical. Today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips for being productive. Along with some pretty flower photos because why not?

Do a brain dump

This is something that really helps me if I have a lot to do but can’t focus. — Writing down a tumble of things I need to do helps me remember exactly what I need to do and how much I have that needs done.

Make a list 

I usually do this once I do my brain dump — It helps me get a more organized plan of what I need to do and start doing it. One of my favorite ways to organize lists is by these three categories “Want to do”, “Should do”, and “Must do” It makes me get my priorities straight and get done what I need to do. 

Tidy up your space 

Cleaning up your space and organizing is always helpful to get you going and be productive. You won’t have to stop to look for things if your space is clean and you can see where everything is. 

Go for a walk

Getting fresh air, even when it’s cold out, is so important and it will help you be a lot more productive if you get some fresh air, it will definitely give you a nice break. Stretching your legs is always helpful. Plus, if you’re working on a computer, it’s good to get a quick break from that screen. There are a ton of benefits from going outside and moving. 

Open a window 

As long as it’s warm enough, opening a window is always a great choice — especially if you’re on crunch time and don’t have time to go take a break for a walk. You can still get some fresh air right from your workspace. 

Drink Water 

I’m sure you knew this one  — But staying hydrated will boost your productivity and get you moving. :’D 

Listen to music (Or an audiobook) 

Listening to music can be really helpful to get you going and get moving! Listening to audiobooks are also fun too. My personal favorite is audiobook because I love reading and you can do it at the same time, but music can definitely help boost your motivation more. 

Give yourself a goal

If you have something to work towards, it will make you want to work and get you to be more productive. This is also helpful if you make a list, give yourself the goal of finishing your list. For extra points, give yourself a reward once you finish it. Maybe it’s chocolate or something else completely. But give yourself something to work towards!  

Just do it 

Honestly, this is the best tip I have. Just jumping in and getting started is the best thing you can do. Just using one or two of these ideas 

I hope all of these tips can be helpful to you, friends! ❤ 

What are some of your favorite productivity tips? How do you get stuff done? Let’s talk in the comments! 

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading! 

17 thoughts on “9 tips to be more productive

  1. Great tips! Thank you! I’d say that the “make a list” one is super helpful…even spacing them out and saying what order you’ll do what in can be really motivational. Sadly, I’m bad at the “just do it” one. XDD

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  2. Well maybe with all these tips in mind I can have a very productive day.

    Thanks for these ideas and reminders and the lovely photos!

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  3. Thank you! My favorite one is making goals, but they are all great tips ❤ I like to give myself a set time (like 20 minutes) to work on something, and when that time is over, I either take a break, or just switch to something else on the list. 🙂

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