February Goals: 2022

Hello, my friends!

Happy February! Are you excited for another month to work on your goals for the New Year?

I am excited! And I’m going to set some new goals for the month and break up the ones that I already set for the New Year so I can hit them. So here we go!

  • Hit a word goal of at least 20K

    I am not expecting to get a very high word count as I will be outlining, and not drafting this month, but I do hope to hit at least 20k.
  • Finish my outline for The Bensons

    I hope to start writing in March once I finish the outline this month – It’s historical fiction so I need to do a lot of research. I will most likely be sharing some snippets on here, and more about the story soon.
  • Hit 80 followers on my blog

    I am super close! Only 9 away. And if you’re subscribed, thank you so much for helping me get this far. And if know someone who would like to follow me, send them to this page to follow.
  • Read at least 7 books

    I slowed down on reading in January and I want to pick back up again to hit my goal of reading at least 50 books this year. I need to get started on that!
  • Make sure at least 1 of the books I read is nonfiction

    As I write nonfiction a decent amount, I want to get started reading more to get better at writing it.
  • Set up my bullet journal

    Alright, *cringes* I haven’t worked on my bullet journal as much as I want to be. I’ve worked on it once. But I only got it a few weeks ago, so I hope I can get it started again.
  • Memorize at least 4 Bible verses

    I memorized two verses in January – But I hope to memorize 4 this month to get back on track to hit my goal of 40 this year.
  • Keep up with my Bible reading

    At this point, I’ve stayed on track to read the whole Bible this year – so I want to keep that up and stay on track so I won’t fall behind.

And there are my goals for February! Let’s chat in the comments – Do you have any goals for February? How are your goals for 2022 coming?

7 thoughts on “February Goals: 2022

  1. Just subbed so pushing you closer to 80! Those are great goals!
    Mine would be to get through editing again. Read my Bible more often. And complain less….that Philippians 2:14 really hit home the other morning…
    And I probably have more but I can’t think of them right now…

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  2. Awesome goals, Pearl! A goal I have for February is to enjoy my time on Ydubs (I’m paying for a month of it) and make progress on my story. I also want to finish the winter edition of a Harry Potter magazine I make with my cousin. 🙂


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