5 Book Characters I would like to meet

Hello, my friends!

I’m back again, this time, with a bit of a funny post: Five book characters I would like to meet.

Anyway, it’s funny, but I thought it might be fun to do! So here we go.

Character #1: Caddie Woodlawn

Caddie and her siblings are a few of my favorite book characters to read about. One thing I enjoy, is most of the stories written in this fun novel are true. The fact that the story is set in Wisconsin makes it all the more relatable to a Midwestern girl like me. The first time I read Caddie, I was about her age, and her bravery and spunk impressed me. She was unique and blazed her own trail. I have no desire, to run wild with my brothers like Caddie did but I do love the idea of being free to be me and do things just how I want to (within God’s plan, of course.). As an author, Caddie Woodlawn inspires me to listen well and do my research because you never know when a good story from the past could become the inspiration next Newberry Medal Award Winner! It would be so fun to take a hike through Caddie’s woods with her and have her show me all the wonderful things she has discovered.

Character #2: Rosalind Penderwick

Rosalind Penderwick is an inspiring character. Her generosity and kindness to her sisters inspires me to be a better sister. Her care of Batty and concern for her comfort is impressive although it is always easiest to love the babies and get along with the little siblings. However, the way she gave Skye the perfect room (for Skye) in the first book really made an impact on me. I would love to have a cup of tea with Rosalind and chat about our siblings and all of her great vacations.

Character #3: The March Sisters

Another group of four sisters, but I haven’t even finished reading Little Women (Yes, shocking, I know, but I haven’t read it before. 😅) but I already know these sisters are going to be some of my favorites! However, if I had to pick just one I would pick Beth. She is so giving and generous. She is kind. Her musical ability is inspiring to me as I play the piano and would love to become an accomplished pianist. Finally, I appreciate her dream of just staying home. I think so often “big dreams” seem so desirable but wanting to stay close to home and take care of your parents is admirable. I would love to sit down at the piano and plunk away with Beth.

Character #4: Ramona Quimby

Ohhh, Ramona. One of my favorite characters that I’ve grown up reading about. I couldn’t leave her out this time. Ramona is so fun to watch grow up. She goes from being a wild child to thoughtful little girl as you read through all of her books. I imagine getting to know her more as the friend of one of my younger siblings. It would be fun to have Ramona over to do a craft project or maybe even decorate cookies. I think my younger siblings would love having Ramona as a friend.

Character #5: Holly Meridith

Holly is a bit less known book character, but she is one of my absolute favorite characters – Definitely a character I would like to run into on the street someday and if I did, I would invite her to chill at our local bakery and have a donut and coffee with me. Holly is dramatic which makes her so funny. She is also so relatable. Generally, she is a good friend and is willing to admit when she makes mistakes (after a while of course.). Oftentimes so many characters are perfect or too imperfect and Holly is the perfect in-between character- not too good and not bad either!

What are some of your favorite book characters? Let me know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “5 Book Characters I would like to meet

  1. Very very interesting! If I were to meet a character in Little Women it would have to be Jo😂, she’s the most relatable and funny character and I’m still mad at the end of the book with her… but the new movie that recently came out did make things better between us, either way no matter how upset she made me, she’s still my favorite character in that story(I hope you finish the book soon 😁 it’s a good one!)

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  2. I am not sure I can handle a visit from the younger Ramona- the older Ramona would be welcome!

    We should probably schedule a Little Women movie marathon after you finish the book to see which movie we like best!

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  3. i love this post idea! the march sisters would be SO fun to hang out with – i think i’d get along with jo the most, and enjoy chatting with meg as well!
    i’d have a blast if i could meet hamlet, polonius, and horatio. i have a feeling if i met them strolling through a park somewhere in england, we’d have the best conversations! a few other book character would have to be pollyanna, polly from an old fashioned girl, and anne from anne of green gables. they’re all beautiful, admirable, lovely ladies, and i could learn a lot from them if we had a nice chat!

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