Diaries of a crazy writer: In which I share about my week during Crazy Writing Week

Hello, my friends!

How are you all doing? It’s been a while since I last posted, but I warned you. This week I was participating in a challenge called Crazy Writing Week (CWW or CDubs) it is a really fun and awesome way to write a lot of words. Here’s how it works.

There are two teams, this year’s teams were called the Peacocks and the Flamingoes (A.K.A The Pink Birds as my friend, Vi called them.) Each team tries to write as much as they can (words) or spend as much time on writing as they can by the end of the week (hours), whoever has the most words and hours wins, and if one team is ahead in one category, and the other is ahead in the other category, it’s a tie. This year the leaders added in another category, achievements, which you can earn by watching the videos they release each day. Make sense? (It’s a bit confusing.)

I was on team Peacocks!

Now that you know the basics, I thought I would share a bit about how it went, and if I ended up hitting the goal I said I was hoping to in my Newsletter.

Day One:

The first day is always a bit crazy, with everyone trying to figure out how it works and trying to get a good start on the week. But since I’ve been on CDubs before, I was mainly writing and helping others get things figured out.

My total from day one: 2,069 words

Team leading: Peacocks

Total Word Count: 435,625 words

Day two:

Day two is a little bit less crazy, but everyone is still getting the hang of things!

My total from day two: 2,717

Team leading: Flamingoes (Those sneaky pink birds!)

Total Word Count: 1,077,753 words

Day three:

Alright, at day three, people are starting to get the hang of things, and the competition is getting fierce.

My total from day three: 2,016

Team leading: Peacocks

Total Word Count: 1,774,788 words

Day Four

Midweek! Day three and four are like. . .the same. There really isn’t much of a difference, and even I had a hard time keeping them separate in my mind when I wrote this but I spiced up my word count a bit, setting a new record for the most I’ve written in a day.

Also, my older brother jumped on and ended up on the other team on Friday. I was excited to share this with him, and he enjoyed it a lot!

My total from day four: 4,034

Team leading: Peacocks

Total Word Count:  2,462,988 words

Day Five:

Aight, Day five was a bit slower for me, but I still hit a decent word count, even though I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t hit my goal.

My total from day five: 3,291

Team leading: Flamingoes

Total Word Count: 2,995,766 words

Day Six:

The second to last day of the competition. There is always a flurry to write as much as you can and I hit my word count and beat the record I had just set only three days before.

My total from day six: 5,009

Team leading: Flamingoes

Total Word Count: 3,421,146 words

Day Seven:

The last day of the competition. . . a rush to try to write as much as possible. And once again, for the third time this week, I set a record for the most I’ve written in one day. . .

My total from day seven: 6,582

Team leading: (Keep on reading to find out who won)

Total Word Count: TOTAL: 4,276,740 words

After thoughts:

This week was. . . a blast. I had so much fun and I was able to catch up with so many different friends. Plus, my brother and another friend of mine were able to get on and join the fun.

My total for the week ended up being. . . .24,588

Which means I wrote over what I thought I was going to do. I set a goal of 15k and ended up surpassing that by a little over 9k!!

Wow, this week had been productive.

The team who won was:










The Peacocks!

My team won!!

It was a great competition and I can’t wait for CDubs again next year – I wrote the most I have ever had in a week!

Thank you so much for reading!

11 thoughts on “Diaries of a crazy writer: In which I share about my week during Crazy Writing Week

  1. I still cannot believe that we won. 😄 But CDubs was literally the BEST THING EVER!!! I cannot wait for it to come back around next year. I had such a productive writing week because of it, which was absolutely amazing. And the community was so lovely!

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