Chatting with Willow

Happy Thursday, friends, and merry early Christmas!

As I mentioned in my email, I am only posting three times this week due to Christmas on Saturday.

Today is going to be my fourth and final interview with The Marbelle sisters. I really enjoyed this series and the interviews, but it’s time for a change.

This week’s special guest is going to be. . .

Willow Marbelle!

She was very fun to interview!

There is a special theme to this week’s Interview. See if you can catch it and let me know in the comments what it is!

So, here we go!

Hey, Willow!


How are you doing today?

I am doing good, Abi and Riley and Juliet went sledding today and they let me come with so that was fun.

Do you like to sled?

Yes, I do!

Sledding is fun! What is your favorite color?


Green is a very pretty color. What is your favorite food?


Yum! What is your favorite story?

The Penderwicks is my favorite book. Juliet just finished reading it to me.

Ooh, The Penderwicks is fantastic! What is your favorite television show?

Curious George!

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

I like the Curious George Christmas movie.

That’s a great one! What is your favorite Christmas song?

Go Tell it on the Mountain. I am singing it at church on Christmas Eve.

I love that song. What is your favorite Christmas ornament?

We have one with the first letter of my name on a gingerbread ornament that I like.

Do you like hot chocolate?

Yum! I love hot chocolate with whipped cream and extra syrup. Doesn’t everyone?

Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?

My favorite Christmas memory is making cookies with everyone in my family especially momma and eating the cookie dough.

Mmm….Cookie dough is delicious. What are you hoping to get for Christmas?

Another game of Candy Land because all the pieces are gone on the other one except the board. Some of them we lost and some of them Chewy chewed up so now we can’t play it anymore.

Oooh, Candy Land is very fun! I think it’s about time to say goodbye. Thank you so much for joining me, Willow, and chatting with me.

You’re welcome. Goodbye!

I hope you enjoyed reading my interview!

I can’t wait for next week’s post, which will be very special. . .no sneak peeks though. You’ll just have to wait to find out.

Merry Christmas!

Until next time,

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