A Chat with Riley

And once again, we have a Marbelle sister with us for an interview! This time, it’s the one and only. . . .

Riley Marbelle!

I can’t wait to chat with her and get to know her better. Shall we get started?

Hey, Riley! Welcome!

Hey! Thank you!

Of course! How are you doing today?

I am doing good, other than Juliet’s bothering me about her annoying characters. *sigh*

Ah, well, that’s good. Do your sisters bother you a lot?

They do and they don’t. Willow, my youngest sister can really get on my nerves at times. But Juliet and I get along pretty well, except when she starts talking about her writing.

Ooh, I see. Do you play any sports?

I play soccer!

That’s neat! What position do you play?

I play midfield most of the time, and then striker the rest.

That’s fantastic! What is your favorite animal?

Dogs. Definetly dogs.

Dogs are very fun! What is your favorite color?


What do you like to do?

Play soccer, do math, and if my parents or Abi were here, they would say, “Be crazy and be dangerous.” I can agree with that. It is logically correct.

Oh well. That’s funny! Do you like to read?

Some books, yes. Ones about science and math, but none of the nonsense Juliet reads.

Ah, okay. What is the scariest thing you have ever seen?

Hm, I don’t know. . .probably nearly watching Juliet fall of a cliff a couple years ago. We were on a hike and Juliet decided to go wandering, that nut, and the next minute, she’s dangling off a cliff. Thankfully, Dad grabbed her just in time.

Yikes! That does sounds terrifying. What is the bravest thing you have ever done?

Wow, not to brag or anything but I actually have done a lot of brave things. Maybe rescuing that little girl in the rapids. We went to have picnic one day, by the rapids in the park, and this little girl fell into the water and nearly drowned. But I jumped in and grabbed her.

Wow!! It does sounds like you have had a lot of adventures.

I’ve never really thought about it that way. . .It seems like we never have enough.

Ah, I get that. Well, I think we better end now! Thank you so much, Riley!! I enjoyed chatting with you.

No problem! Thank you for having me!

I hope you enjoyed my interview! Happy Saturday, and merry Christmas!

Until next time,

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