Today I am thankful for…

Happy Thansgiving Friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful day being thankful today!

A few of these I have done from other posts, so, I guess that means I am extra thankful for them!

So here it is:

I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  • Family
    I love my big family, immediate and extended! They are all wonderful!
  • Friends
    I am so blessed to have many amazing friends!
  • Food
    We’d die of startvation with out food. Another basic thing I am thankful for.
  • Pets
    My dogs can be annoying at times but they are fun to play with, pet, and snuggle.
  • Writing
    I love writing. Why would I be here if I didn’t? Anyway, I am just thankful that I am able to write.
  • Books
    I love reading so much! You can learn so much and have so much fun. Books are one of the reasons I want to be a writer.
  • The Young Writer’s Workshop
    I’ve mentioned this before, but, The Young Writer’s Workshop has changed my life. I don’t know where I would be in my writing journey without it but, I certiantly wouldn’t be here, with a blog.
  • Clean Water
    I am thankful for having clean water to drink! I am thankful that it comes out of a faucet in many places in my house.
  • Pens and pencils
    I do most of my writing on my computer now, but I wouldn’t even have started with out a pencil. I especially love cheap fine point Bic classic pens.
  • Notebooks
    Like what I said above, I wrote my first stories down in my notebook.
  • Heat and air conditioning
    I would freeze in winter and die of heat in the summer without these two handy things. They are easy to forget about but in Wisconsin the outdoor temperatures often remind me to be thankful for the indoor ones!
  • Blankets
    I love curling up with a fluffy blanket to read and write.
  • Swings
    I have one in my room and I love to sit on it and write.
  • All of God’s creation
    I did a post on God’s creation a few weeks ago, but it is something that I am very thankful for.
  • Lists
    I wouldn’t have had this blog without lists to keep track of everything when I was starting out.
  • Colors
    This one might seem strange, but, the world would be so dull without colors.
  • Technology
    Once again this one ties in with the blog. I wouldn’t be here without technology.
  • Medicine
    I am thankful for the medicine that keeps us healthy!
  • Pumkin Pie
    I haven’t mentioned any other specific food, but…pumkin pie is special. Especialy today.
  • Music
    I play the piano, but, I also enjoy listening to music!
  • God’s Word
    The Bible is beyond words…I don’t know where I would be without it. It holds so much truth in it. I am so thankful it is something God has given it to us to use and grow from it.
  • Sports
    I enjoy playing multiple different sports! Soccer, skiing, and swimming take up a lot of my time. But, I love it!
  • Siblings
    My siblings can’t be put into that ‘family point’ that I did earlier. My siblings can be annoying but they are also amazing! I am so thankful for them!
  • My blog
    I am so glad to have this blog! I have loved writing posts, everything, and even though there was been a few different technical difficulties when I was setting up, I have loved having it. Thank you so much!
  • Freedom-
    I was so disappointed when I realized I missed saying thank you to veterans last week! Freedom to think, write and most important worship and love God is something I won’t take for granted.

Thank you for reading!

Until next time,

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