Thankful Thursday!

Hello friends!

I love being outdoors, in God’s wonderful creation. In the summer, I love swimming and going to the lake. In the fall, I love spending time outside playing soccer and watching the leaves change colors. In the winter, I enjoy skiing with beautiful snowflakes falling, and in the spring, I love puddle jumping in spring rain showers.

Sometimes, I feel like we can overlook the beautiful outdoors God has blessed us with. We often come up with excuses of why we shouldn’t enjoy being out in God’s creation. So, today, I thought my thankful Thursday post would be focused on God’s wonderfully, beautiful, creation.

  • Trees

Trees do incredible things. (and plants too) They take in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. They give us shade on those hot summer days and give us a breeze. And in the fall, their leaves turn beautiful colors.

  • Snow

Snow can be a bit annoying at times, as it causes the roads to be slippery, and you have to clear it from your sidewalk/driveway, but it’s also immensely beautiful, especially when it’s falling. Also if you’re a skier like myself, you couldn’t ski without it. My siblings are already looking forward to our first snowfall.

  • Flowers

My family, specifically my parents, loves gardening and flowers. We have more than a few flowers blooming around our house in the late spring, summer, and early fall.

  • Animals

Specifically, squirrels and deer we often see running around outside. We have so many squirrels running around our house that the last time I was outside, I nearly stepped on one. Deer walk across the sidewalk like they are people where I live. It’s quite a funny sight to see.

  • Birds

They have a lovely tune and I love to hear them sing. They are also beautiful. My younger brothers recently got a bird book and now they are always on the lookout for different birds.

What are your favorite things about God’s creation? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday!

  1. Good morning Pearl

    That was one friendly deer-

    I think one of my favorite things about skiing is it gets us outside so much in the winter and all the trees are so snow covered and beautiful. It is just a nice time to focus on God and what a lovely world he made for us to live in.


  2. My favorite vacations are camping and seeing more of God’s beautiful creation. One of the things I marvel at is the fact that for me to go outside on a cold winter’s day requires warm coat, hat, gloves, boots and probably layers under the coat-and God created little sparrows to survive with just their feathers to keep them warm.

    I love waterfalls-so beautiful and they remind me of the power of God. And mountains remind me of His majesty. We are so blessed by His creation.

    Thank you for Thankful Thursday, Pearl!

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