Writing Wednesday!


Today, for my Writing Wednesday post, I am sharing a prompt and then what I wrote with it.

Here’s today’s prompt:

“Plan a wonderful party and make the unthinkable happen.”

I hope you enjoy reading!

“Mom, where are the party plates?” 10-year-old Lilia Marbelle asked.
“The plates? They should be in the cabinet with all the other party supplies.” Mrs. Marbelle answered.
“Well, they’re not here,” Lilia answered, looking in the cabinet.
“AAHHHHHH!!! Betsy bloody!!” Andy came running into the kitchen at full speed.
“What’s the matter, Andy?” Lilia asked. Mrs. Marbelle didn’t waste a second asking the four-year-old what happened, leaving the cake for the party later that afternoon on the counter. She hurried to the backyard where all the “tinies” as Mrs. Marbelle liked to call her younger children, were supposed to be playing. Lilia and Andy ran after their mother.
In the backyard, Greg, the oldest Marbelle at 13, was trying to comfort little Betsy. Blood was running down her knee and dirt was streaked across her face. Mrs. Marbelle gently took her daughter and hurried into the house. Andy, Lilia, Greg, Melody, and Abigail followed her at her heels. In the bathroom, Mrs. Marbelle went to work cleaning up Betsy’s wounds with Abigail, pulling out bandaids.
“Where are the other kids?” Mrs. Marbelle asked, looking around to find her three oldest children, surrounding her and her three youngest nowhere to be seen.
“They were in the playroom,” Lilia answered.
“Please go check on them, Greg and Lil.” Mrs. Marbelle wiped hiccuping Betsy’s face clean from dirt.
“They are not in here,” Greg said, poking his head into the playroom. “Go check the kitchen, dining, and laundry room. I’ll look in the bedrooms and the other rooms.”
Lilia hurried off, checking the dining room and laundry room first, there was no sign of them. When Lilia went into the kitchen, she shrieked with horror. “Mooooommm!” Marge, Ben, and Addy were sitting on the counter. Eggs were splattered on the floor, flour was seeping from the bag, sugar was spilling from the sink, and worst of all the cake was smashed in the center of the floor.
“Nooo. What did you guys do?” Calm, quiet, sweet, never losing her temper, Abigail shrieked when she saw the mess.
“Oh no.” That was all Mrs. Marbelle could say when she came into the room.
“Mom? What are we going to do? Great Grandma’s party is in three hours.” Abigail asked, looking around the kitchen in defeat. Mrs. Marbelle the first was turning 99 that day. And the surprise party had been set for months. All the children, but specifically Abigail and the older children had been looking forward to it and now it was destroyed. Mrs. Marbelle’s fancy cake, the party hats, Ben, Addy, Betsy, Marge, and Andy were wearing on their heads and, looking into the dining room, Abi could see that it had been messed up also.
“We can still have the party. I’ll call Aunt Ana and Lil and ask them to come over as soon as they can. And then I’ll call Grandma. Dad should be home any minute too.” While Mrs. Marbelle made her calls, the children got to work. Abbigail first brought all the children under six-Ben, Addy, Andy, and Betsy up to bed for a nap. Greg and Lilia and Marge began to clean up the flour.
“Couldn’t you have had more sense, Marge? You are eight years old. You should have told the little ones to stop making a mess. You should never have been a part of it. You should have run screaming to get me.” Scolded Greg, as he swept up flour and picked up eggs.
In less than ten minutes, Aunt Ana, Aunt Lillian, and Grandma had arrived. Mr. Marbelle had returned from work. The house was bustling with everyone cleaning, cooking, and decorating. Five minutes before four o’clock, everyone was dressed, the house was clean, the kitchen was spotless, the food was prepared, and everyone was dressed in their best party clothes.
“Turn off the lights and find a hiding place.” Grandma announced, “Grandpa will be here any minute with Great Grandma.”
Soon, the door opened. Great Grandma Marge stepped into the house with Grandpa close behind her.
“Why are all the lights off?” She asked confused.
“Surprise!!” Yelled everyone, jumping out from their hiding place, and tossing confetti in the air. Grandma Marge jumped back in shock, “A surprise party? Wow.” Grandma looked so happy and surprised that Abigail knew the party before the party had begun, that it would be a success.

What did you write with the prompt? Drop a link or a true story in the comments, I’d love to hear back from you.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

6 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday!

  1. I enjoyed this!!

    This is true fiction because this would never happen at our house-
    At least not on purpose lol the kids wouldn’t do it.
    It would be Lucy eating the cake!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your writing makes me smile and think of your mom who can calmly make order and happiness out of disasters-with you kids jumping in and helping! I sure am enjoying your blog, Pearl!

    Liked by 1 person

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