• in bloom {flower photography}
    Hello, my friends! Isn’t it crazy that we’re onto the last month of summer? I’ve enjoyed taking tons of photos of all the gorgeous flowers around our house and in the woods. We’ve planted so many, and all of them are so pretty! And then the wildflowers I’ve found in the woods are quite beautiful too. Today, I […]
  • 8 WAYS TO BLESS YOUr FRIENDS TODAY {a Friendship day collab with anna}
    Hello, my friends! In honor of Friendship Day tomorrow, my dear friend, Anna, asked if I would like to do a collab with her. Anna and I have been friends for almost a year now, and it seemed perfect to do a collab. You can read Anna’s post here, and for my part of the collab, I’m going […]
    Hello, friends! Today, I have the honor to share a lovely bonus post with a snippet of writing written by my wonderful friend, Joanne. It’s a beautiful bit of writing and I can’t wait to share it with you! Dandelion cROWNS AND pRESSED FLOWERS {bONUS POST} The sun shone brightly in the sky, blinding Ji-Yu. She took a […]
  • How to make your own cheesecake
    Hello, my friends! Here’s a fact you probably didn’t know about me. . .cheesecake is my favorite dessert! And it’s one of the few sweets I can eat. It’s perfect for the summer when you want something cool since there are plenty of no-bake cheesecakes out there. But today, I’m sharing one recipe that I love and have […]
  • 9 fun ways to decorate a bulletin board
    Hello, my friends! Recently, I redecorated my bulletin board–I had so much fun doing it, that I thought I’d share some fun ways to decorate your own! You should have most of the things you need to do for this project around the house. I’ve always had some sort of bulletin board, and I love them! It’s an […]
  • The Rainy Day Writer Blog Tour: Stop #3 {Bonus Post}
    Hello, my friends!  Today, I have the pleasure of bringing you a bonus post (So yes, we’ll still be having our usual post tomorrow!) because of my wonderful writing friend, Agnès. She’s launching her author blog! Exciting, right? And I had the lovely opportunity to interview her, about her life, writing, and new blog. Hello, Agnès, and welcome! […]
  • Summer Vacation 2022 {Part Two}
    Hello, friends! I’m back this week with part two of my family’s summer vacation to Lake Michigan last June! If you missed Part One, you can find it here. Enjoy lots of blue skies and gorgeous landscapes, crazy adventures, and much more! Day four Our fourth day of vacation was a bright and sunny Tuesday. We spent the […]
  • Summer Vacation 2022 {Part ONe}
    Hello, my friends! I have quite a long post today! Back at the beginning of June (Yes, I’ve been waiting a while to post this. I may have to start posting more than once a week or take fewer photos. 😂), my family, along with my grandparents and aunt, went on a trip to Lake Michigan. It was […]
  • A Glorious Sunday morning walk
    Hello, my friends! A few weeks ago, my family and I were home sick or recovering from being sick on a Sunday, sadly, we couldn’t go to church, but we did go for a wonderful walk since it was beautiful out. I took tons of photos, but here is a selection of my favorites. 😀 The sky was […]
  • Summer Goals {2022}
    Hello, my friends! Happy summer! I have lots of goals for the summer, and I always love reading goal posts, so I thought I’d do one–I hope you all enjoy it. ❤ =D Writing GOals Write 100 words every day for 100 days This summer, I decided to participate in the Go Teen Writers 100 for 100 Challenge […]
  • Monthly Review: May 2022
    Hello, friends! Today, I bring you my May 2022 Review! Once again, we’ll be going over the three categories, Life, Writing, and Reading! I hope you enjoy. =D **Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something off of my link, I will get a small commission for advertising, with no extra cost to you and you […]
  • Planting 500 trees {Lots of photos}
    Hello hello, my wonderful friends! A few weeks ago, in May, my family and I planted 500 trees in one of the areas of our property. Some friends from our church also came out and gave us a hand — It was super fun but also very tiring. And in a few years, we’ll have plenty of pine […]
    Hello, my friends!  I have a super fun post today and one that I really enjoyed putting together! One of my amazing writing friends, Kaley, is doing a blog tour to celebrate the launch of her author blog, Words. The tour has been amazing so far and if you haven’t already, go check out the first post here! […]
  • Spring Photography
    Hello, my friends! I have lots of springy photos for today’s post! Spring has taken its time arriving here, we got some snow in April, and then it’s been cold and rainy most days. But it’s finally starting to warm up and starting to feel actually like spring. Anyway, enough of an intro. 😀 Enjoy a bit of […]
  • 9 tips to be more productive
    Hello, friends!  I have a different post today than my usual posts — It’s a bit more practical. Today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips for being productive. Along with some pretty flower photos because why not? Do a brain dump This is something that really helps me if I have a lot to […]
  • How to make a spring wreath {+ Giveaway winners}
    Hello, my friends! I am super excited for today’s post (How unusual!), my mom and I had a lot of fun making a spring wreath for our house, and I thought it would be fun to teach you guys how to too. I spent some time on Pinterest looking for inspiration. I was amazed at how expensive wreaths […]
  • Sapping {Part three} + the Giveaway
    Hello, friends! Can you believe it? We made it to the last post in my Sapping series – In case you missed the other posts, you can check them out here {Part One}, and here {Part Two}. The last post in this series is going to be about the boiling process and a bit about finishing and filtering […]
  • Lots of tags! {Catching up on blog tags}
    Hello, my friends! I’ve got a lot of blog tags to catch up on, and since I don’t want all of my posts to be tags, I thought I’d make a post combining all of them together. Along with some mossy-creek photos I took a few days ago. Enjoy! The Bookworm Tag! I’ve actually been tagged twice for […]
  • Monthly Review: March 2022
    Hello, friends! **Please note that this post contains affiliate links — If you buy something from my link, the price won’t change for you but I’ll get a small commission and you get to support this blog for free!** Happy April! Today, I bring you my Monthly Review for March. I hope you enjoy reading! Writing As writing […]
  • Photography Challenge: collab with Alicia
    Hello, my friends! For today’s post, I have a collab I am super excited about! A few weeks ago, I asked Alicia @ Alicia Marentette if she wanted to do a collab, and she agreed – We decided on doing a photography challenge where come up with a list of things to photograph, and share the photos! So […]